Amazon a $2 Trillion company

We've been watching pretty much from the beginning  with the IPO in 1997.  The stock has done pretty well from a split adjusted $1.50 per in 97. Yes that's a thousand banger which amounts to a 10 banger every year for 100 years. 

Amazon does so much for our lives now that it's overly time consuming for me to try to represent all they good they do. Rather, I'll just stress some of the guiding ethos that Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder, has permeated into the Amazon culture that will live on after he does.

#1: The number one guiding principle is that of putting customers first or being Customer-centric!

#2 Long term thinking. Jeff stresses this a lot. Really good things take time to build and often require nurturing and capital. 

#3 Willingness to fail. It's not taboo to try and fail at Amazon, it's taboo to fail to try. 

Jeff has been quoted as saying, your margin is my opportunity. This market philosophy combined with the willingness to fail and long term thinking and catering to the customer like no other, will keep Amazon growing in incredible fashion... dare I say historic and unprecedented? 

We see Amazon as the first $2 Trillion company.