IQ (20.23), Netflix of China (New Position)

Will be initiating a position in the shares of the Netflix of China, IQ 20.23, hopefully within the next two trading sessions. IQ was recently spun-off from Baidu which still owns a majority stake. A couple of oddities that could prove bullish, one is a price target of $140, a 7 fold increase from it's current share price. The other is the estimate of $39 billion in revenue for 2019. The current cap is only $14 something has to give. 

Soon after the IQ transaction, look for us to restart our position in the shares of PAGS (32.55). Will also restart position in CVNA (27.53). We are exuberantly looking forward to adding these three young companies (all have IPO'd in the last 18 months), and adding them to our portfolio consisting of veteran stocks: TSLA, NVDA, and SQ.