Tesla, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Oh how I love Tesla, let me count the ways.

I love the way Tesla products are in such demand, customers literally line-up by the hundreds of thousands.

I love how Tesla products are the best ever manufactured by any objective standard.

I love how TSLA is currently producing two vehicles in May/18 for every one it produced ay/17. 

I love TSLA energy and Solar City.

I love the quarterly comparisons coming down the line with large revenue increases and get this.............profits!

I love that like all great CEO's, Elon reinvests in the company before he tries to impress with the income statement. Elon's vision is the epitome of long term, having been working on and dreaming about EV's since he was a teen. 

I love the Tesla Semi!

I love the Model-Y. 

I love the Model-S

I love the Model-X

I love the Roadster.

I love the Model-T pickup. 

When people ask me why I love Tesla, my response is..... Product!


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