TESLA TSLA (277) The time is now

Tencent's (chairman, co-founder, and CEO) Pony Ma is fond of saying, and I'm paraphrasing, China is interested in results, not words. TSLA, Tesla represents something of the antithesis of this philosophy and the war of words, propaganda, and sources claiming to be news, continue going at it in savage fashion. 

As much as Elon Musk or myself might try to avoid it, we get wind of way too much of this rhetoric and some have even suggested, it's driving Elon mad. Well, mad or sane, as long as he retains his ethics and business genius, entities such as Smartgene Holdings and Tencent Holdings will continue to bet on him. The fact that Pony Ma owns ten percent of Tesla is generally ignored in favor of CNBC's breaking, Jim Chanos' rant. Maybe we can conjure a Goldman Sachs' analyst providing a strong sell and a 185 PT even while GS itself is buying shares long. 

When all the dust settles, TSLA stock is going up, and the catalyst will be reaching 5 and then 6k M3 per week. If there's one mistake younger, less experienced investors/traders make, it's making investing/trading more complicated than it need be. Whether betting on the longest of long-shot biopharmas, or missing the train on the most obvious of phenomenons, from the ten year runs of AMZN or AAPL, to what's going on right now at NVDA or TCEHY, sometimes the obvious is missed in light of too much data, too many voices in one's ear.

I don't let a lot of voices in my ear. Smartgene Holdings attempts to be guided by the voices of CEO's and institutional investment managers. These are the men, and on occasion women, that are throwing around the big money, these are the people Smartgene Holdings will live and die with. Talk all you want about Elon's behavior on a conference call, and we'll ask, what do Pony Ma, FMR LLC (Fidelity Magellen) and Smartgene Holdings have in common? We all invest in Elon Musk and Tesla. 

*Bonus thought.
Talked to a conservative, propaganda driven person the other day and I mentioned Tesla. At the top of his thinking regarding Tesla was..... "subsidies".  Gotta turn off that Bob Dutko.