TSLA/China ipo worth $50 billion

Tesla, currently trading at 285 a share, should soon announce a manufacturing initiative in China.  If TSLA-China had an ipo, I'd get in with a $50 billion valuation. OMG if a business match were ever made in heaven, it's TSLA manufacturing in China and providing vehicles to the market there. Revenue estimates start swirling in my head. Is Elon going to double sales again? Seems like every year, Elon rolls out 60, 70, 80, 90, or even 100% sales increases and I don't see that trend softening anytime soon.... may I say Model Y and Tesla Semi?

The revenue increases have been nothing less than historic, taking a company from basically zero revenue five years ago, to over $30 billion by 2019. Trading at less than 2x next year's sales can not stand, and I agree with the boss, shorts had better tip-toe to the exits.