Long live the King---Alphabet!

Alphabet was once a soaring, hot, growth, stock, back when it was called Google and in the early years of it's namesake's search dominance. These days, one might almost call it mature, but a healthy 20% plus growth, mature, not too shabby. 

When Alphabet's wholly-owned subsidiary, Waymo, announced an order for 60,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrids, I had an epiphany. It became apparent to me that Waymo just might dominate the ride-hailing business on a word-wide basis. Waymo might become to ride-hailing what Google is to search. 

The Pacifica order changed everything for me and I quickly grabbed some GOOGL stock at 1,130.  Alphabet was worth every penny of that share price before the Waymo reality existed, what's it worth now? I think Waymo's progress will be awe-inspiring and will consistently bolster the stock until ideally, Waymo is split-off to existing shareholders.... like me.

Long live the King ---Alphabet!