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Taking profits on TSLA

PAYC After Hours

Trade Alert In The Box: Out TSLA @297.60

Trade Alert: In PAGS @ 26.67

Lowered HUYA average to 32.56

Trade Alert: In CGC @ 26.18

Trade Alert In The Box: Out CDE @ 7.01

Trade Alert: In CDE @ 6.84

Trade Alert In The Box: Out BLFS @18.60

Lowered PAYC average to 105.32

ARLO IPO Friday 8/3

Portfolio update

Long : NVDA @ 244.80

Stock picker's market

Long HUYA @ 32.83

Lowered PAYC average to 106.93

Lowered SQ average to 67.69

Trade Alert In The Box: out CGC @ 26.23

Today's market moves

Trade Alert: In SQ

Portfolio update

DropCar Launches Mobility Cloud

HyreCar and DriveItAway Announce Strategic Partnership to Extend Carsharing to Automotive Dealers across the Country

Tesla Model 3