Class consciousness

The United States of 2018 is the least "class conscious" society in all of recorded history. 100 years of propaganda by oligarchs have turned the masses into mind-controlled zombies voting for their own enslavement and torment. 

Divide and conquer is complete as the masses talk about and base their vote on race, sexual orientation, abortion, religion, ethnicity, anything but finances. The oligarchs care about nothing but money, that's why they have all of it. The working stiffs care about everything but money, that's why they have none of it. 

The people have given up their power and rendered their voices irrelevant in the United States where only the 1 percent are considered. Next time you hear an oligarch refer to the "American people", he or she means the one percent, or even more so, the .01%. 

I enjoy Democracy Now with Amy Goodman but she can go episode after episode talking about justice, or the lack thereof, without talking about economic injustice. Without economic justice, you have no justice.  Amy may agree with me but she is not allowed to cross the line of actually questioning the root cause of all that's wrong here....capitalism. 

It's Jill Stein that should be an American hero and Trump and Hillary who should be shunned... all is backward when evil elevated and virtue hidden from view. Welcome to the 2018 corporate worldview.