Current Trades and Up & Pull

CHRA @ 7.06 (looking to take profits in the morning.)
TWTR @32.20 (looking to take profits in the morning.)
NGD  @ 1.23
Z         @ 57.62
GOGO @ 3.66
IIIV @ 15.17
GSKY @ 18.55
AMTD @ 58.76

Ok, we've eight trades going, holy cow that's a lot. I'm going to spend the next 30 minutes looking to see if I want to get into anything else tomorrow, Assuming the two at the top are cashed-in, we'll be down to six. I feel more comfortable with fewer active trades. However, more active trades does produce excellent results and this is why we handle as many as we do. Bear in mind, some of our trades take months to work out. 

Plans call to "Up & Pull" IIIV @ 20 and GSKY @ 25. "Up & Pull"is a patented stock trading technique whereby, when the trade goes "Up", you "Pull" some shares to the side for the long term portfolio. In so doing, the trade pays for a portion or all of the shares maintained. 


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