KISS For Tesla

Keep It Simple Stupid --- TSLA is growing sales at historic rates. Block out Seeking Alpha and all the petty chatter, revenue is growing 40-94% a quarter. We are talking about upwards of $20 billion in increased revenue from 2017 to 2019. That's twenty billion that is coming into Tesla coffers now. This is not your Daddy's Tesla, this one has big money flowing in. 

The institutions and the smart money are all bullish about this amazing company. It's just media that makes you think there are legitimate bearish issues when in fact, these are the halcyon days at Tesla, not a time when Elon is going to be subject to public embarrassment due to the stock going down back into the low 200's.

Tesla is here to stay and will be a hell of a lot bigger in ten years than it is today. As far as how new projects will be financed, a non-issue. They will get financed, they will add to profits. Any questions?