Our 55% trading week

We don't want anyone to misconstrue that we typically return 55% on our completed trades in one week. This was an exceptional week, one for which we are grateful things worked out as well as they did. 

Trying to keep the numbers even half as high, say 25% a week, requires some good fortune, and a ton of work scouting and actually trading. In addition to the effort, which is essentially day trading, there's the inherent risk of having over 8 trades active at one time. We don't always trade in such frequency and invariably, when we trade less often, our results are diminished.  

Treat each week's trading results here at Bluestar as an island, made up of a myriad of varying and independent factors and results. Our trading repertoire is varied, including but not limited to, earnings plays breaking to new highs, over-sold stocks looking for small gains, over-sold stocks looking for larger gains, holding periods lasting weeks or months, and we also complete day trades.  It's quite the mixed bag and it's not uncommon for us to lower our cost average. 

One of our specialties is holding and trading IPO's. You will notice a disproportionate number of our trades are in symbols less than a year old.